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danielthebanana4 wrote in Run without screen refresh {} block at 4:28:38 AM 30/6/2020

whiteandblackcat wrote:

danielthebanana4 wrote:

whiteandblackcat wrote:

I like this idea! Although the workaround is pretty easy and compact, it could be useful and would certainly be fun to play with! What block category would it be in? Control?
Run without screen refresh {
Like that ^? Or a different category?
My Blocks:
Run without screen refresh {} :: custom
Run without screen refresh {} :: control
I think my blocks because when you build a block it has the option to run without screen refresh and that relates.
Or the control for other reasons

But then people might think they made the block “run without screen refresh” or start asking how you make a custom block in a C shape.
Hmm good point
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