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Also, according to Cat (who is a Starland Superfan), there are three movies.
How do you make that banner, I need an animated one of Naarky for my posts!
It's a signature. If you were to go to the main page of Discuss Scratch, then scroll down, you'll see a ‘Change Signature’ button.

It will lead here:

Then, upload an image.

It's simple to do.

1. Get a CubeUpload account.

2. Host an image of your choice.

3. Copy its link once you've converted it.

4. Press Ctrl + P on your keyboard, or click the green square at the top of the text box you are typing in (Look where the B, I, U and S are.

5. Paste your link in the text box, then click ‘OK’.

6. Image!

or, just copy and paste this already-made image into your signature:

(Don't worry, it will work)
All we need is a high-res photo of the Krew so @CatMeowMeowpaw can make an edit with Serenity!
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