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My suggestion, Proposing Own Projects got rejected by @Paddle2see today, .
Thanks! I see he has also rejected Scratch on Nintendo Switch.

I'm going to think carefully about whether these should be added to the list. I'm not sure how often people suggest the ability to propose their own projects to be featured, but I do know a lot of users ask why this is a requirement.

As for Scratch on Nintendo Switch, I feel like I'd make it more broad — for starters, I assume Scratch on 3DS, Xbox, and Playstation consoles would also be rejected (I'll have to check in with that). In addition, partnerships with Roblox and Minecraft have been rejected, so I might word the suggestion in such a way that includes these.

Thoughts and feedback about this from anyone would be appreciated!

For one, I have heard a lot of complaints about not being able to propose your own projects, and a lot of people proposing their own projects anyway. You could add it to The Official List of Rejected Suggestions to make it clear that you can't propose your own projects to be featured.

Also, on rejected suggestion 7.7, you mentioned (and I'm paraphrasing):
However, Scratch is supposed to be a non-profit organization. If the Scratch Team or any Scratchers start making money from anywhere on the Scratch website, that would contradict this non-profit philosophy, and that would be a huge legal issue.
so, basically, that would have to be rejected.

Also, May the 4th be with you!
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