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Furrhead-Productions wrote in Multiplayer Chat at 4:04:18 AM 26/3/2020

fdreerf wrote:

Do not use whitelists. Even innocent words can be pieced together to make very offensive once.
You can take the words meaning “visible water droplets that cling to near the surface” and “the central mass, part or body” and get a very naughty word if you pronounce it the right way. That's only one of practically infinite ways to get a bad word out of a basic whitelist.
Ok, but I found a project that's multiplayer using a white list that's not been banned yet and its made by a somewhat popular scratcher, Xshrunk, so I'm not 100 percent certain if there are exceptions or not. I'm gonna ask a scratch team member personally and see. Thx for the help though!
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