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Mrk20200 wrote in Official [scratchblocks] testing topic 2 at 4:00:47 AM 14/3/2020
when (:: undefined) clicked ::hat events

when idle for ( ) seconds ::hat events

(current [ghost v] effect ::looks)
<showing? ::looks>

(clone ID ::control)
delete clone with a ID of (1) ::control

switch [sprite1 v]'s [costume v] to [costume2 v] ::looks

And ones that would be hidden:

set MIDI instrument to [(1) Piano v] ::sound

play MIDI note (50) as ID [auto v] ::sound

change (1)'s MIDI note to (51) ::sound

stop MIDI note at ID (1) ::sound

when MIDI [ID v] (1) is played ::hat sound

(create AI at learning rate (0.25) and delay of [auto calibrate v] and actions {jump ::custom}, {nothing ::custom} (+ ::pen) ::operators)

… and more AI blocks would be here.
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