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chrdagos wrote:

I gotta say, badatprogrammingibe has presented a good point. so I guess that necroposting is something that we all are gonna have to live with.

I have seen many a suggestion giving a “solution” to necroposting, most of which are about automatically closing old topics (which I find dumb, since someone could have something that adds to the topic). I personally believe that no matter what people will do to try and prevent necroposting, people are gonna do it.

True, true. I wholeheartedly agree that nothing temporal can be stopped.

The aim of this suggestion wasn't to stop necroposting – it's to get people to not repeat it.

Candylanguagegirl wrote:

I think in my vision for it I assumed it would be its own sort of page- stuff could be used from the main “read before posting” stickies, but it wouldn't be like a forum post that you could comment on. More along the lines of the community guidelines page.

That still doesn't guarantee that people (especially children or younger teens) are going to read it. I can imagine countless cases of them scrolling around, confused as to why they were linked here while their closed minded self continues to ponder the ridiculousness of this, at least for a time.
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